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Server Support – Boost Your Website Productivity

Servers are indispensably linked to web hosting. Server support from committed and competent service providers ensure minimal downtime, optimal customer satisfaction, and exponential rise in business.

Who should seek server support?
Server support is essential for professionals who fall under the below specified categories.

• Web designers in possession of personal dedicated or virtual private servers
• Website owners who own online ecommerce portals and websites
• Providers of web servers who deal in managed dedicated servers
• Web hosting companies who cannot afford to busy themselves with the technical nitty-gritty of server maintenance and need to divert attention on boosting sales and create strategies to make the business flourish

Advantages of professional server support services
• Round the clock server and hosting support: Server administrators can extend 24X7 technical support to help you out with any problem that is nagging in nature or has erupted without prior warning. This is true for servers operating Windows or Linux system

• Round the clock server monitoring: Virtual private or dedicated servers’ uptime is the primary concern of clients as this helps them in creating a strong brand identity, buy unwavering customer loyalty, make a strong impression on potential consumers of niche segments. Web hosting agencies cannot afford to compromise on server maintenance owing to this. Server maintenance agencies can drastically cut down server downtimes and monitor entire array of server ports ranging from Apache, FTP, POP, SMTP to DNS

• Maximum uptime: Consistent and rigorous monitoring of server enables system administrators to fix any annoying problem immediately and provide instant substitutes for failed services

• Performing system administrator jobs: All types of servers are offered with updating and up gradation services pertaining to Apache, CPanel, Exim, Kernel, Perl

• 3rd party installation and upgrading of software such as Zend Optimizer, GD, Fantastico, Curl, Perl modules supported for servers

• Other server support features: A host of server management options are supported pertaining to System Priority (SPRI), Brute Force Detector (BFD), System Integrity Monitor(SIM), Process resource monitor (PRM), Anti-DoS configuration Firewall(APF), Linux environment security, hardening services related to PHP, /var/tmp, /dev/shm, /tmp, Host.conf, Sysctl.conf and /proc, MySQL and Apache optimization,Mod_security, removal of redundant or unused programs, Mod_Evasive and RootKit hunter

• Affordable: Rates are competitive and various tailored plans are available to sit any budget so that the bottom line of smaller companies are not adversely affected

• Benefitting on outsourced partners’ experience: The service provider will have extensive industry experience under its belt which is further reinforced by the wide expertise of proficient server professionals. A web hosting company can benefit from the comprehensive proficiency of partners without having to maintain an elaborate IT team or invest in costly infrastructure.

The cut throat competition that characterizes modern business scenario has rendered every minute critical, for web hosting and other agencies that slug it out to win client loyalty. Server maintenance by a certified team of administrators will ensure that the server stays away from unwanted complications and you steal the march over adversaries on every occasion. The cost effective and bespoke server support plans will catapult your business to dizzying heights of success without denting your business wallet.

Server Management – What can you expect when you outsource it?

The need for server management cannot be overlooked today by any company that intends to stay in the industry for long. Many businesses currently opt to outsource hosting support services since they lack technical expertise. Though this move was looked upon with apprehension when it first started, today this trend has spread like wildfire all over the world and is gaining momentum by the day. With almost everyone seeking an online presence, the need for hosting services and support, coupled with fully functional servers, are the need of the day. The good news is that there are a number of third party providers eager to offer technical support to hosting services providers as well as organizations that use server machines on a regular basis.

When you outsource the task of server management to a third party vendor with good credentials and repute in the industry, you can be assured of a job well done. The important of managing the servers well cannot be undermined by anyone offering hosting service.  Their business is completely dependent on how well the servers function. Servers that keep developing problems regularly can pose the problem of downtime that is frowned upon in the hosting industry. When the server malfunctions, the websites present on that machine are not accessible to the target audience. This not only negatively affects that companies whose websites are hosted on it, but also the hosting service provider too who risks losing clients to competitors. The only way to steer clear of this problem is to outsource hosting support to a vendor who can offer their services to the business as well as its clients.

Server management experts offer a wide range of services to keep your machines in good stead. Once you outsource hosting support to a third party vendor, they will assign a team that regularly overlooks the operations of the server machines that host websites. These experts will evaluate the machines for any security threats and take measures to prevent infestation by spyware, virus, Trojans and malware. This proactive move makes sure that none of the websites on the servers face security issues. These experts also take steps to optimize the performance of the servers by identifying the worthless temporary files and programs and deleting them. This particular service ensures that the performance of the websites on the server machines does not get affected due to the shortage of hardware and software resources.

Server management service providers also help with server setup and server migration. For example, if you want to expand your hosting services business and need technical assistance in determining the configuration of the new machines and setting it up, these experts can help you with it. The vendor to whom you outsource hosting support will also help you install the right software and firewalls to ensure the system works to perfection. These experts can also assist you in moving data from your old server to the new one effortlessly without any data loss.

Linux server management – Why is outsourcing the best alternative

Linux server management is not a child’s play. Hosting support for Linux based servers is the need of the day, but not all hosting service providers offer this service due to the lack of infrastructure, budget and trained professionals. The best alternative is to outsource this support to vendors who specialise in this. In countries such as India, there is no dearth of technically skilled professionals who know all aspects of Linux operating system Windows operating system like the back of their hand. A vast majority also has the required command over English, which is the most commonly used language for troubleshooting purposes. But, will outsourcing the management of Linux servers prove beneficial in the long run? The answer is undoubtedly a “yes”.

Most of the businesses and individuals prefer Linux based servers for hosting purposes since they are more versatile and reliable than their Windows counterparts. However, what most of them do not know is how to use the user interface of Linux since it is not something they see on a regular basis. Therefore, those signing up for Linux hosting services look out for hosting support they can bank upon when they need technical assistance. Linux server management assistance is also a must for hosting service providers who have Linux based servers. With minimal technical knowledge it is possible to set up a hosting server, but what is more challenging is maintaining them in their prime since they host multiple websites at a time. Outsourcing Linux server management to reliable vendors not only helps your business, but also your clients’.

Outsourcing hosting support to credible vendors allows you to run your primary business with a free hand. You need not concern yourself about the support overheads once it is entrust the task to them. Regardless of the nature of the technical query, the technical experts assigned by the vendor will be able to resolve the issue. Linux server management is relatively simple as compared to Windows server management since the Linux is more stable than Windows. Built using open source code, Linux machines requires lesser maintenance. Once this task is outsourced to a third party, they will assign Linux professionals who will regularly evaluate the status of the machine and take measures to counter security threats and other factors that affect performance.

Hosting support is in demand today because most people who have their websites do not know the nuances of hosting. Therefore, each time they want to either upload or download pages or make any changes to the website, they need help working with the interface. Providing clients with technical support is best way to retain old clients and make new ones. By engaging the services of a third party for Linux server management, hosting service providers can ensure their client websites perform as intended round the clock. Regular maintenance services ensure maximum uptime which is one of the coveted traits of the best hosting services providers in the industry today.

Outsource web hosting support to fast track your way to success

The outsourcing industry has come of age in every part of the world. The trend has gained such gargantuan proportions that many companies how outsource web hosting support to experts in this field. Initially only the backend process of companies in the banking sector and insurance sector would be outsourced to third party vendors. However, the technical superiority of people in certain countries over the others has contributed to the outsourcing of technical support for servers and web hosting. Many leading companies that have been offering web hosting services have grown exponentially in recent times by outsourcing hosting support to the right third party vendors.

The main benefit of opting to outsourced web hosting support is that hosting service providers can retain their clientele. With numerous hosting service providers mushrooming every passing day, only the ones that offer something more than the rest manage to survive and taste success. The move to outsource technical support assures your clients that help in on hand when they face any problems with the performance of their website. Since many individuals who are not technically savvy own websites, this particular service is of great importance to them and is the deciding factor when they choose a hosting service provider.

When you outsource web hosting support, you get a free hand in working towards the expansion of your core business which is offering the hosting service. The support provider will take the onus of resolving customer issues and providing them impeccable customer service in the process. This saves you the time and money needed to set up the required infrastructure and find the right experts to offer technical support. Since the third party vendor specializing in this field will have everything in place, they will take care of everything once you entrust the task to them. The cost of outsourcing hosting support is a fraction of the cost of offering it in-house. Based on the budget you have set aside for the purpose and the total number of clients, you can either opt for a monthly payment plan or a per ticket plan.

While the move of outsource web hosting support definitely has numerous benefits associated to it, you can ignore the fact that it can risk your reputation if you choose the wrong service provider. The key to success lies in choosing the right support provider who has a perfect blend of technical expertise and command over the language. The presence of one with the absence of the other can only lead to disaster. Cost should not be the only factor to be taken into consideration while making the choice. The reputation of the hosting support provider, coupled with their client testimonials and services offered, should take priority over cost during the decision making process.

If you want to be a successful seller or reseller of hosting services, outsource web hosting support to stay afloat in the industry and get ahead of your competitors. This is the only aspect that can catapult you to the top of the league and bring in new clients with minimal effort.

Why is server hardening one of the important server management services?

The server is any organization is highly vulnerable to various threats every minute of the day. Since these machines are extensively connected to the intranet and the internet, there are numerous malicious software programs trying to gain entry into these machines and destroy the critical and confidential data that is stored on it. A 24X7 server management company offers various services to safeguard the data that is present on the machine. Server hardening is one of the many server management services that are offered by these providers with an objective to enhance the security of the server.

Server hardening refers to the process of improving server security by using the latest technology and firewalls. By default, the 24X7 server management companies offer server security services, but in certain cases, just this is not enough. If the server is accessed by hundreds or thousands of employees sitting in various corners of the world, there needs to be stringent security measures in place and this is where the importance of server hardening comes into play. This is one of the advanced server management services that are highly recommended for large organisations.

The default configuration of the most commonly used operating systems is not designed with the primary focus on security. Aspects such as functionality and communications are prioritized instead. While this is perfect for a home computer, it poses a security risk when installed on a server. Did you know that these are viruses trying to force their way into the server every minute? Surprising though it may sound, it is true which is why server hardening is considered to be one of the most important server management services. As a part of the server hardening process, the technical expert from the 24X7 server management company installs the most recent firewalls that are designed to combat the latest malware, spyware, virus and Trojans effectively.

Signing up for server hardening from a reputed 24X7 server management company is not enough. Once the required security measures have been taken, the technical experts will provide you with a checklist of tasks that need to be implemented at the earliest to minimize the risks to the server. One of the items on the checklist will involve data encryption for any confidential information that is being accessed over the network. The list will also stipulate the removal of certain outdated and suspicious software programs that are not being used. SSH hardening and minimizing open network ports also form a part of the list.

What does outsourced web hosting support entail?

“Hosting service” is a term that has been doing rounds for many years. It is hosting support that is the need of the day today. With many individuals with limited technical knowledge launching websites to cater to the requirements of people, hosting support is in demand all over the world. While a few hosting service providers are able to offer technical assistance as well to their clients, there are a few that find this a herculean task due to limited resources in terms of money and man power. In order to overcome this shortcoming, such providers outsource webhosting support to third party vendors who excel in this job. Outsourced web hosting support, though was looked upon with apprehension during the first few months, is today the preferred choice among resellers and small time hosting service providers.

Outsourced web hosting support has a number of perks to offer its patrons, which is one of the main reasons for its rising popularity. First of all, the company that outsources this task to experts can focus its energy and effort on improvising its core business without worrying about the add-ons. With the experts handling technical queries of clients round the clock, web hosting service providers can enjoy peace of mind. When you outsource webhosting support, you can save a huge amount of money since the cost of outsourcing is just a fraction of the cost of hiring full time employees for this purpose. Since most third party vendors render their services round the clock on all 365 days of the year, you can be rest assured your customers’ queries and problems will be resolved without any undue delays.

However, just like every aspect of business, there are a few drawbacks associated with outsourced web hosting support. Failure to choose the right hosting support provider can risk the reputation of your business and impede growth. If the vendor you outsource webhosting support to outsources it to another party, it may pose a threat to your hosting service business. The good news is that these drawbacks can be overcome with a little bit of diligence and perseverance. Doing your groundwork well and choosing the right hosting support provider will go a long way is establishing the name and reputation of your company. It is also important to ensure that the vendor you outsource the task to has technical professionals who are not only good with hosting concepts, but can also effectively communicate the troubleshooting steps.

One of the main mistakes committed by many hosting service providers is overlooking the basic aspects before choosing a hosting support provider. Before you outsource webhosting support, it is imperative to find out the experience of the vendor in this industry and the reputation they enjoy. But, just finding out this is not enough. Learn more about their staff, technical expertise and customer service skills before making the final call. If you are outsourcing technical support to a different country, ensure the technical agents are able to effective communicate in English. Outsourced web hosting support will prove successful only if the vendors offer round the clock support across multiple communication channels. Multi-tier support will be an added benefit since you can be assured the even the most complex customer queries will be resolved.

Outsourced web hosting support is the way to go if you want to grow as a web hosting service provider and establish a strong presence in this domain. It is in keeping with the time and can drive your business towards success faster than you thought possible.

The perks of reseller hosting support

Reseller hosting is becoming the top choice for many individuals and small scale enterprises inching their way online. This type of hosting service is not only affordable, but reliable too. Reseller hosting is the service offered by website designers or SEO companies as an extension of their service. These agencies or individuals purchase hosting space from a particular hosting service provider and then re-sell this space to their clients at a nominal price. Though this type of hosting was looked upon with apprehension when it first started, over the years people have become more aware of the benefits it offers. However, today resellers are facing tough competition from other hosting service providers because the latter offers web hosting support along with their hosting service package. It has therefore become imperative for resellers to opt for reseller hosting support to stay afloat in the industry.

Outsourcing web hosting support to a third party vendor benefits resellers in more ways than one. By opting for reseller hosting support, the resellers can assure their place in the industry. Today, clients want nothing short of 100 percent uptime so their target audience can access their website at any given point of time. By outsourcing hosting support, this can be achieved to a great extent. As a part of their services, the support professionals monitor the server for any discrepancies or anomalies and take proactive measures to resolve issues. As a result, the time needed for maintenance is kept to a minimum and uptime to the maximum.

Outsourcing web hosting support is also light on the wallet. As a reseller, you may not have the required amount of money and space to set up an in-house technical support team. Even if you do have the space, hiring the right professionals for the task can burn a hole in the wallet. Securing the services of a third party vendor who specializes in reseller hosting support helps you steer clear of all these problems and drives your business towards growth.

Finding the right vendor to outsource web hosting support to will give you a free hand in expanding your core business area. You can consider purchasing more space and taking on more clients when you sign up for reseller hosting support. The vendor will take care of all the technical troubleshooting and queries your clients may have without revealing their identity. This, in turn, gives a boost to your business and helps you attract new customers without compromising on the needs of the existing ones.

Steps to outsource webhosting support

Outsourced web hosting support is the need of the hour with numerous hosting service providers clamouring to offer technical support to their clients in order to retain them. It is true that outsourcing technical support does come with its own set of virtues, but it can also impede the growth of your business if you do not make the right choice. Outsourcing technical support is more than just finding a vendor and entrusting the task to them. Adopting a systematic approach and using a checklist will eliminate errors and increase the chances of finding the best provider to outsource webhosting support.

When you enter the term “outsourced web hosting support” in Google’s search box, numerous websites pop up on the SERP list. The normal tendency is to choose just one of the top two entries assuming them to be the best. This is a mistake most hosting service providers regret at a later stage. Though the rank on Google does play an important role, you should consider many more websites and visit them to learn more about their experience and repute in the industry. The testimonials on the website testify the competency of the vendor and understand their potential.

The second step before you outsource webhosting support is to speak with the vendors you have shortlisted to find answers to a few questions. Find out their core competency areas and the channels through which they offer support. Outsourced web hosting support will work in favour of the company only when support is provided round the clock. Hence, find out if the vendor offers 24X7 support on all the days of the year. Learn more about the service packages offered and find out if they can be customized to the needs of your business.

There are various service packages that you can choose from as well. A common mistake hosting service providers do is choosing the monthly package. The monthly package may not be the right choice when you are new to the industry. For example, if you have just set up a hosting service and have only a small number of clients, per ticket support is more cost effective than monthly payment packages. Therefore, before you outsource webhosting support, ask for the various packages offered and weigh the pros and cons and read through the specifications of the service before entrusting the task to them. Outsourced web hosting support has the ability to propel your business towards growth and also impede the growth. The result is dependent on the choice you make.

Precautions to take while outsourcing hosting support

Outsourced hosting support does bring in a lot of benefits in its wake, but only if you take a few precautions before entrusting this task to a third party vendor. Hosting support defines the difference between successful and unsuccessful hosting service providers. It is the one aspect that customers today watch out for while selecting their hosting service provider. This support assures customers that help is always on hand when they face problems while hosting their website, accessing the control panel or creating email ids for themselves and their staff.

One of the most ignored aspects while selecting a third party vendor for outsourcing hosting support is communication. Vendors who have been rendering technical support to clients may have a highly skilled team of technical experts, but in some cases, they may not be able to communicate effectively in English while troubleshooting problems or answering queries. This oversight can lead to the downfall of your hosting service business. Outsourced hosting support can contribute to the growth of your business only if the technical experts are able to help customers effectively. This can be possible only if you check the communication skills of the vendor before entrusting the task to them.

Hosting support is wide and varied and can encompass any aspect, ranging from helping customers upload their websites to deleting certain applications and updates. Though there are a plethora of vendors who claim to do the “best” job, do not fall for these claims. Instead, do your groundwork and find out the experience of the vendor you are interested in. Outsourced hosting support entails support through multiple channels and across multiple levels. As a precautionary measure, ensure the vendor offers phone support, email support and live chat support. Multi-tier support is an added benefit that assures faster resolution.

The resolution time also plays a critical role in retaining clients. Among the plethora of hosting support providers eager to cater to your needs, only a handful of them will be able to resolve issues within a short span of time. The average time taken to resolve problems may vary based on its complexity, but experienced support providers will not take more than 60 minutes to resolve even the most complex issues. Outsourced hosting support can work in favour of your business, the vendor and your clients only if you make the right choice. A few extra minutes during the time of selection can go a long way in securing your place in the hosting service industry.

Is outsourced support the pathway to success?

The world has indeed become a global village, thanks to the concept of outsourcing and the internet. While the latter has enabled people to purchase things that are not available in their region, the former has enabled enterprises reach the zenith of success by entrusting certain tasks to those who specialize in it. When the internet began to gain prominence a few decades ago, hosting service providers began mushrooming all over the world to cater to the needs of those who wanted to host websites. The arrival of ecommerce fuelled this trend further. Today, with every Tom, Dick and Harry hosting a website, irrespective of their technical knowledge and skills, hosting support is the need of the day. While large hosting service providers such as can afford to have an in-house technical support team, what about the smaller providers? Well, outsourced support is their pathway to success.

Succeeding as a hosting service provider is not an easy task, especially in this dog eat dog world where every provider is trying hard to establish their presence. With customers looking for more than just priceless deals and the best hosting plan, the competition just got tougher. Today, only hosting service providers capable of offering technical assistance can drive their business towards growth and success. Setting up on in-house team by choosing the right technical experts and providing them with the required resources is a herculean task, especially when you have to keep a watch over your core business. Outsourced support, in such cases, helps ease your burden and gives you enough time to focus on the hosting services.

Outsourced support is a sure fire way to success because it is not only cost effective, but also assures you of specialised skills. Third party vendors who offer technical support will have a strong team of technical experts specializing in various aspects of hosting and its associated aspects. Courtesy their in-depth knowledge, they will be able to assist your clients, irrespective of the type of plan they have chosen or irrespective of the problem on hand. This will give you a free hand in expanding your business and introducing newer plans that are customized to your clients’ needs without worrying about how to address their technical concerns. Outsourced support helps you save money that can be utilized to add new servers and other hardware and software needed to drive your business on the pathway to success.