Server Security

If your server is accessed by hundreds or thousands of visitors sitting in various corners of the world, there needs to be stringent security measures in place and this is where the importance of server security comes into play. This is one of the advanced server management services that are highly recommended for all size of web hosting companies.

Order 24/7 Server Management
Order 24/7 Server Management
  • Install and configure Firewall (CSF ONLY)
  • Install and configure rootkit detection software
  • Scan and harden /tmp /var/tmp directories
  • Extended Binary Hardening
  • PAM Resource Limiting
  • Inetd hardening
  • Install Brute Force Detection software
  • Tweak MySQL
  • Host.conf & Sysctl Hardening
  • secure root login
  • Change sshd default port
  • Secure named configuration
  • Compile PHP to the Latest Stable Version
  • Php Open_Basedir Tweak
  • PHP Hardening (Tweak php.ini & Disabling of insecure PHP functions)
  • Remove insecure packages and unnecessary softwares
  • Upgrade Installed Softwares to the latest version
  • Install Mod_security apache module with latest custom rules
  • ClamAV – Antivirus toolkit
  • Optimize Apache,Mysql and PHP
  • Premium Security Plan +
  • Implement Forge Helo protection
  • Install Exim Dictionary Attack ACL
  • Setup RBL integrated with major Spam databases
  • Mailmon – Sendmail monitor
  • SARE and RAZOR integration with Spamassassin
  • Install & Configure MRTG
  • Install PhpSysinfo
  • Implement extended mail logging
  • Libsafe installation
  • Tripwire setup
  • Install PSAD – Port Scan Detector
  • Install LSM – Linux Socket monitor
  • Install NSIV – Network Socket Inode Validation
  • Installation and configuration of SNORT with ACID
  • AIDE installation and configuration
  • Install PRM – Process resource monitor
  • Install SPRI – System priority configuration
  • Install SIM – System Integrity Monitor
  • Install LES – Linux Environment Security
  • Install Munin
  • Install Cacti (optional)
  • Install WhoCompiled – Check for compiler usage
  • Install Watchmysql – Check and limit mysql usage
  • Installation of Nobody Check
  • Install Nessus vulnerability Scanner (optional)
  • Logwatch installation and configuration
  • Logrotater Installation and configuration
  • mod_evasive Installation and configuration
  • Install MyTOP
  • Iftop Installation and configuration
  • Install Eaccelerator
  • Install ZendOptimizer

cPanel Security

Ignorance of server security creates huge data integrity pockets whereby your servers can be compromised with various active and passive network attacks like Eavesdropping, Data Modification, Identity Spoofing, Password-Based attacks, Denial-of-Service attack, and Application-Layer Attacks.

This is where you get yourself the security and ease of the most widely used control panel all over the globe-cPanel. Manage files, folders, databases, and create email accounts and the works! cPanel Server Security is a one stop solution for Website Owners, Hosting Providers, Data Centers, System Administrators and Developers to keep their data safe and uphold stringent digital integrity.

Server Management Pro delivers the power of this easy to configure control panel for all its clients to reduce the risk of losing their potential and existing clientele.  cPanel incorporated with Linux Server Security renders ironclad and comprehensive security for most Linux platforms running cPanel. Manage multiple websites, emails, databases and lots more with a breeze.

With customized skins and state-of-the-art tools, cPanel is undoubtedly the first choice of highly competitive organizations. It renders these organizations, the need to be highly competitive, create huge demand for their services, the need to scale their business from small to large and seamless migration to a cloud hosting or dedicated cloud hosting service.

The flexible (API) Application Programming Interface combines with cPanel & WHM functions that render hosting providers to create customized applications and extensions. Server Management Pro cPanel Server Security provides premium and security plans for end to end enterprise security solutions for SSH configurations, Brute Force Protection, Password strength configuration, Apache Mod user, Firewall configurations, Shell Fork Bomb Protection and lots more.

Linux Server Security has become a world-wide standard for clients who opt for Linux Based Hosting. Owning a website can’t get easier than this as along with Linux and Apache, PHP and MySQL are supported, as well as WordPress and Joomla, Email hosting requirements include POP3, SMTP, IMAP and webmail.

Server Management Pro renders end-to-end deployment of cPanel with the applications you want to use, these features render you to

  • Manage user accounts.
  • Customize alerts for server services, bandwidth usage and more
  • Install modules
  • Set up email and spam blocking
  • Integrate new technology
  • Analysis and Tracking of Websites
  • Manage Files, Databases and DNS and a plethora of other features.