Precautions to take while outsourcing hosting support

Outsourced hosting support does bring in a lot of benefits in its wake, but only if you take a few precautions before entrusting this task to a third party vendor. Hosting support defines the difference between successful and unsuccessful hosting service providers. It is the one aspect that customers today watch out for while selecting their hosting service provider. This support assures customers that help is always on hand when they face problems while hosting their website, accessing the control panel or creating email ids for themselves and their staff.

One of the most ignored aspects while selecting a third party vendor for outsourcing hosting support is communication. Vendors who have been rendering technical support to clients may have a highly skilled team of technical experts, but in some cases, they may not be able to communicate effectively in English while troubleshooting problems or answering queries. This oversight can lead to the downfall of your hosting service business. Outsourced hosting support can contribute to the growth of your business only if the technical experts are able to help customers effectively. This can be possible only if you check the communication skills of the vendor before entrusting the task to them.

Hosting support is wide and varied and can encompass any aspect, ranging from helping customers upload their websites to deleting certain applications and updates. Though there are a plethora of vendors who claim to do the “best” job, do not fall for these claims. Instead, do your groundwork and find out the experience of the vendor you are interested in. Outsourced hosting support entails support through multiple channels and across multiple levels. As a precautionary measure, ensure the vendor offers phone support, email support and live chat support. Multi-tier support is an added benefit that assures faster resolution.

The resolution time also plays a critical role in retaining clients. Among the plethora of hosting support providers eager to cater to your needs, only a handful of them will be able to resolve issues within a short span of time. The average time taken to resolve problems may vary based on its complexity, but experienced support providers will not take more than 60 minutes to resolve even the most complex issues. Outsourced hosting support can work in favour of your business, the vendor and your clients only if you make the right choice. A few extra minutes during the time of selection can go a long way in securing your place in the hosting service industry.