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Server Support – Boost Your Website Productivity

Servers are indispensably linked to web hosting. Server support from committed and competent service providers ensure minimal downtime, optimal customer satisfaction, and exponential rise in business.

Who should seek server support?
Server support is essential for professionals who fall under the below specified categories.

• Web designers in possession of personal dedicated or virtual private servers
• Website owners who own online ecommerce portals and websites
• Providers of web servers who deal in managed dedicated servers
• Web hosting companies who cannot afford to busy themselves with the technical nitty-gritty of server maintenance and need to divert attention on boosting sales and create strategies to make the business flourish

Advantages of professional server support services
• Round the clock server and hosting support: Server administrators can extend 24X7 technical support to help you out with any problem that is nagging in nature or has erupted without prior warning. This is true for servers operating Windows or Linux system

• Round the clock server monitoring: Virtual private or dedicated servers’ uptime is the primary concern of clients as this helps them in creating a strong brand identity, buy unwavering customer loyalty, make a strong impression on potential consumers of niche segments. Web hosting agencies cannot afford to compromise on server maintenance owing to this. Server maintenance agencies can drastically cut down server downtimes and monitor entire array of server ports ranging from Apache, FTP, POP, SMTP to DNS

• Maximum uptime: Consistent and rigorous monitoring of server enables system administrators to fix any annoying problem immediately and provide instant substitutes for failed services

• Performing system administrator jobs: All types of servers are offered with updating and up gradation services pertaining to Apache, CPanel, Exim, Kernel, Perl

• 3rd party installation and upgrading of software such as Zend Optimizer, GD, Fantastico, Curl, Perl modules supported for servers

• Other server support features: A host of server management options are supported pertaining to System Priority (SPRI), Brute Force Detector (BFD), System Integrity Monitor(SIM), Process resource monitor (PRM), Anti-DoS configuration Firewall(APF), Linux environment security, hardening services related to PHP, /var/tmp, /dev/shm, /tmp, Host.conf, Sysctl.conf and /proc, MySQL and Apache optimization,Mod_security, removal of redundant or unused programs, Mod_Evasive and RootKit hunter

• Affordable: Rates are competitive and various tailored plans are available to sit any budget so that the bottom line of smaller companies are not adversely affected

• Benefitting on outsourced partners’ experience: The service provider will have extensive industry experience under its belt which is further reinforced by the wide expertise of proficient server professionals. A web hosting company can benefit from the comprehensive proficiency of partners without having to maintain an elaborate IT team or invest in costly infrastructure.

The cut throat competition that characterizes modern business scenario has rendered every minute critical, for web hosting and other agencies that slug it out to win client loyalty. Server maintenance by a certified team of administrators will ensure that the server stays away from unwanted complications and you steal the march over adversaries on every occasion. The cost effective and bespoke server support plans will catapult your business to dizzying heights of success without denting your business wallet.