Why is server hardening one of the important server management services?

The server is any organization is highly vulnerable to various threats every minute of the day. Since these machines are extensively connected to the intranet and the internet, there are numerous malicious software programs trying to gain entry into these machines and destroy the critical and confidential data that is stored on it. A 24X7 server management company offers various services to safeguard the data that is present on the machine. Server hardening is one of the many server management services that are offered by these providers with an objective to enhance the security of the server.

Server hardening refers to the process of improving server security by using the latest technology and firewalls. By default, the 24X7 server management companies offer server security services, but in certain cases, just this is not enough. If the server is accessed by hundreds or thousands of employees sitting in various corners of the world, there needs to be stringent security measures in place and this is where the importance of server hardening comes into play. This is one of the advanced server management services that are highly recommended for large organisations.

The default configuration of the most commonly used operating systems is not designed with the primary focus on security. Aspects such as functionality and communications are prioritized instead. While this is perfect for a home computer, it poses a security risk when installed on a server. Did you know that these are viruses trying to force their way into the server every minute? Surprising though it may sound, it is true which is why server hardening is considered to be one of the most important server management services. As a part of the server hardening process, the technical expert from the 24X7 server management company installs the most recent firewalls that are designed to combat the latest malware, spyware, virus and Trojans effectively.

Signing up for server hardening from a reputed 24X7 server management company is not enough. Once the required security measures have been taken, the technical experts will provide you with a checklist of tasks that need to be implemented at the earliest to minimize the risks to the server. One of the items on the checklist will involve data encryption for any confidential information that is being accessed over the network. The list will also stipulate the removal of certain outdated and suspicious software programs that are not being used. SSH hardening and minimizing open network ports also form a part of the list.